So Kawaii!!

So Kawaii!!

These are the fics that I have.  I can't find the pages these came from and the authors seem to have vanished...or something of the sort.  Anyway, enjoy.  These fics are pretty good if I like them.  Oh!  And if it's YOUR fic here, please e-mail me.  I'd really like to know where you've been and what you're up to.  Oh!  Sorry if they look funny.  I just put them up as is.  Ya know, so if you're havin problems, just save it to your hard drive and read it from there.  It'd be easier anyway.

If you would like me to post your fic on here, just send it on in!

Battle for Akane's Soul
Happosai, being the old goat that he is, causes Ranma to unleash something...dark.  Evil.  What happens when this...thing...goes around trying to kill Ranma's heart.  And what if Ranma's heart isn't actually in his body?!

Always Fighting For You
A kawaii piece on the Ranma and Juliet episode.  It's really sweet.

Blind Desperation
Uh-oh!  Ranma can't see and it's Akane's job to take care of him!

Fall of The Eagle
An alt. reality fic.  On of my favorite ones, actually.  It's really REALLY good, but...*sniff* hasn't been continued in a while.  I think he abandoned it!!

Another alt. fic.  This one is REALLY cute.  The author seems to have disappeared  a while ago.  *sigh*  All my favorite stories seem to never get finished.

Underneath the Mistletoe
Ooooh...sooooooooo kawaii!!!  It's another really cute one.

Stolen Innocence
Grrrr...that Shampoo...she makes me so mad this time.  Apparently, Ranma gets a little POed at her too!

A lazy summer day...with a bit of romance from our favorite couple!

When You're a Stranger
This is a continuation of Chris Jones' fic.  The one where Akane is mute...ano...I dun remember the title of it.  Anyway, it's very good!

The Crow
Ooooh...I never really watched the movie itself, but this story is an excellent way of putting Ranma into that type of story line.

The Togetherness Factor
This one hasn't been continued for a while either...but it's kawaii.  I know the author of this is pretty popular, but I dun know where his page is anymore!

This is a good one to read if you're in need of a WAFF fix.

The Twilight Zone
I really don't think the title fits this story, but...well...whatever floats her boat, eh?

There's a new student at Furinkan High...and well...she's a bit different...kitty kat different.  

I Don't Think I can Take It cute! Ranma got Akane a special present...but...he sees something that really...REALLY upsets him...

Love One Love Lost
This...this is the way Akane and Ranma could build a relationship.  It's so...romantic.

Regarding Ranma
Geez...Ranma really gets messed up in this one.  Poor guy...

Jusenkyou's Curse
This is a sad, sad fic.  *sigh*  It hasn't been continued for years, but it's just too good to give up on.  There's a lemon scene in it, so readers beware.

Foolish Games
Finally...they're married! But wait...they aren't happy?!

Birthday Wish
It's Ranma's birthday!  A sweet and warm fic for Ran/Aka fans!

This story is GOOD.  Akane is taken again!  And why can't there be three Tendo daughters?!

A Different Life
This story is by Gyran.  He's a writer on, so go check it out over there if you want!  It'd be more updated there.

Last Gamble
Genma becomes the good guy!  And one of his plans finally works!!

Cursed Love
Fio-chan is also an author on  I'm only posting what I have now, so if you want more, go to to get it!

Revival seems that I forgot to put this one back on when I moved.  Anyway, like before, it's from the author of Friends? and it's a SM crossover!  It's very kawaii!

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