All About Me

Okay...I'm tired of this page being blank!  So, if anything, it will now contain the bare necessities.  Ya know-name, age, height, weight, yaddi yaddi ya...

I got a picture of the character I was named after!  Here it is:
My friend Amber-Chan decided one day that I looked like her.  This was in like, 10th grade (I don't have bangs anymore and my hair is...well...about the length in the picture.  The character Mana's hair is longer, about mid-back like mine used to be).  Soon, everyone started to call me Mana!  To this day I am still Mana.  Heh.  I even have character Mana's personality.  Amber got a real kick outta that when she realized it.

Okay.  Onto other real name is Anh.  It's pronounced Anne, and yes, it is spelled right.  I'm 20, goin' onto 21 but I look like I'm 15, maybe?  16 if I'm lucky?  LoL.  I'm 5'3" and weigh about 100 lbs., give or take a few pounds.

I'm a Taurus.  April 29th. chinese zodiac is the rooster.  *giggle*  I'm farm animals!  My planet is Venus, my gemstone is diamond and my flower is the sweetpea.

I'm in college right now.  I'm going to Front Range Community College, but I'm transfering to the University of Colorado at Denver next semester.  I'm gonna be a CIS major.  Big bucks in that, people.  Big bucks.  Well...for something so easy, anyway.

Uh...I work at a daycare center and love my job.  I love kids because I fit in so well.  I'm like a kid trapped in a teenager's body.  LoL.  I think I'll have a line or two about something my kids do here.  I always get a good laugh out of it.  This update's:
A boy, Oreste, made an animal pen out of blocks and has plastic horses in it.  He also has a flat green lego board that he calls 'water' and a plastic volcano inside the pen.  He asks another boy James to play with him.  Oreste: "Hey James, want to play with my horse farm?"  James: "Sure!  What's that?"   Points to volcano.  Oreste:  "It's a volcano."   He looks at James like he's crazy.  In a very 'valley girl' yet adorable way (cuz he has a slight accent.  I can't tell what it is) he says:  James:  "Hello-o...  That volcano is gonna blow up and kill all your horses."   Oreste:  "Yeah!  And then we hafta call 911 and tell them the horses are sick because they have fire on them..."

I live in Colorado.  The weather is really screwy here.  It can be really warm one minute, and the next minute it's really cold.  We usually go from one extreme to another. *sigh*  I can't even decribe the weather here because it's so unpredictable.  And when it snows, the roads get really dangerous.  I HATE it when it snows.  It may look pretty, but the stuff is out ta kill ya!  

I'm a pretty easy going person.  It takes a lot to piss me off, and I have more patience than Washington State has rain (that's a lot).  I love cartoons and NEVER want to grow up.  Unfortunately, that's not an option.  While I may be able to retain my child-like personality, I have been forced to grow up.

Right now I live at home.  For those of you who are thinking I'm pathetic, I'm NOT.  It's a culture thing.  According to my family, ALL of my family, we aren't suppose to move away from home until we're married.  It's not like I have a choice here.  I'd most likely be disowned if I moved out.  I'm not kidding either.  Hehehe.  Just to give you an idea about how bad it is, my mom keeps telling me: "Girls can't go out after dark!"  No jokin, people.  She was serious.

My personal quotes/beliefs:  "Don't tease the stupid people!"  "You can never be too old to be a kid." and my personal fav, "If you ask a stupid question, you'll get a stupid answer."

I have a HUGE family.  To this day, I'm discovering cousins that I didn't know I had.  Isn't it just wild?  We're all really close too.  Well...the ones that live in Colorado, anyway.  We see eachother almost every weekend and we do a lot of things together.  We'll take family vacations.  It's a blast.  We can count on each other for anything and it's a really nice comfort to have, because family will always be there for you.

Hmm...I'm a TOTAL romantic.  *sigh*  I love romance, so naturally, I go for the anime couples that the author usually intends to be together.  In fact, I think I'll make a page all about why Ranma and Akane should be together.  Well...when I have time anyway.  My favorite couples are Syoran and Sakura, Mamoru and Usagi and, the best of all, Ranma and Akane!

I guess that's it for now.  Til I think of more anyway!

Please mail me!  I'm open to suggestions.