Okay!  So there's a totally new look for the site.  EVERY page is, or will be, changed.  I got tired of the black.  It was...depressing.  Well, not really, because there were a lot of other bright colors.  But anyway, I wanted my page to look a little more uniformed, so basically it's all white and blue now.

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NOVEMBER 28, 2001     

*gasp*  It's been less than a month since I updated last!!  I think that's a new record!!  Wow!!

Look, look!  If you haven't noticed, I added a NEW page!  A goodies page!!  There isn't much there, only 2 backgrounds and a picture I made, but hey!  It's a start!  Go check em out!
HEY!!!  Some of us members on the RORFF (a mailing list/discussion thing for Ranma and Akane fans...sign up here: RORFF MAILING LIST)  is making a page/mini-site for Ranma and Akane waffy moments!  That picture on my goodies page will be used for that page.  When we actually get it off the ground, I'll make a banner for those who want to link to it!  Yay!
I'm working on a banner for those who want to link to me!  (hint hint ^,~)  
I added one linke to a very kawaii page!  And the link to the mirror site to Anipike, since it's down right now.  Seems like they're having problems with their server or something and their link goes to the American Cancer Society page.  They're working on fixing it now.

NOVEMBER 07, 2001 got cold real fast today.  We've been having really beautiful and warm (I was wearing a t-shirt yesterday) lately.  Which is real unusual for this time in Colorado.  Anyway, it's been raining and cold and icky almost all day today.  We're gonna get snow.  *sniff*  I just know we are!  The weather's just been too perfect and now we need really bad weather to even it out.  Anyway...

I added Revival by Belphera back into the archive.  Apparantly I forgot to put it back in when I moved.  Thanks to Greg for telling me!
Um...I added and updated some links.  Most, if not all should be working except Anipike, in which I have no idea what's wrong... Kid's Quote!  

OCTOBER 05, 2001     

Ah...good Lord, has it been...ack!  SEVEN months??  Umm...oops...?  And...gomen ne...?  I didn't mean to take too long, I swear!  It's just...well...I've been really really really (times all that by 50) lazy.  But, here I am now!

Hey!  Look above!  That's the new place to be if you want to know when I updated.  I finally got around to changing that.  ^.^;
Hmm...I new fic?  Yeah, I think that's right. Sad, isn't it?   I haven't updated EverAfter yet cuz I lost my Microsoft Word program and I can't do anything until I get it back.  Sorry Melissa!  You probably think I'm dead, or something.  And I got her e-mail addy, so go and tell her how well she's helping me!  As for my other fics...I dunno...I'm so out of creative juices right now, it's not even funny.
Ah...I have a bunch of links to add, not to mention those who have moved sites...Please, if anyone knows of a page I dont' have on my links page, let me know!
Hmmm...nothing new in the Archive...I'm too lazy right now...gomen ne!
Added a new Kid's Quote and a teeny tiny more on the About Me page.

MARCH 20, 2001     

Um...this just isn't my week, is it?  *sigh*  I fixed all the links...oops...

Please mail me!  I'm open to suggestions.