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Thus, we come to the end.  The Links page.  You wanna leave?  Well...here's some really good sites for you to go to! If you want your page here, drop me a line!  S'gotta be Ranma and Akane, of course.  Oh!  And have fics too!!

First up...The Anime Web Turnpike.  This is THE place to go if you like anime.  It's got EVERYthing there.  Fanfics, Multimedia, Image Galleries, Hentai...whatever you want, it's gotta be there.  If not, they'll find it for you.  What more can a person ask for??

Anipike is currently down.  They are having server problems right now, so until then, go here:

The Ranma Fanfic Archive

You want Ranma fanfics?  You got 'em.  This is a mirror site to some archive thing.  Something with a rec in it...I dun remember.  Anyway, you get access to almost every Ranma fanfic out there, and to pages of some really talented authors!


THE place to go for all sorts of fanfiction.  THE place to go if you want an easy post.  It has fics from EVERYTHING.


This is my friend Chette's page.  I'll admit that her English is only so-so, but hey!  Her stories more than make up for it!

 Akane Tendou Homepage

This is my good friend Ale's page!  She's got really good stories.  Especially Saipan.  That, and she's an extremely sweet person.  Her other stories are also guaranteed to give you a sugar boost if you ever need one.

Remi's World

This is THE place to go.  I mean, she's got her own good stories.  A major bonus: links to most of the Ranma/Akane fanfics on the net.  She's got everything!

The Anything Goes Ranma 1/2 Page

These two siblings are a couple of  the best fanfic writers I've ever seen.  WAFF is their way.  If you're in need of some sugar, just go here and they'll take care of you.

Home of Hearts of Ice.  Krista Perry has one, if not the, best stories ever written.  It's words will suck you right in with the Ranma cast.

Asayogure's Page

I so love reading this story.  Asayogure is a wonderful writer.  I used to be a pre-reader for him, and I still wish I was.  His stories are simply astounding, with very believable characters.

Bing's Page

Bing is the author of "Do you Remember."  It's a heart wrenching story of love lost and love found.  *sigh*  I makes me so sad, but gives me a warm fuzzy at the same time.  It's a bit limeish at parts.  You can get a lemon versions of the story though.

Chris' Ranma Fanfics

Chris is the writer of many fanfics that are really good.  The one I think he's known for is "Ranma's Apartment."  I can see why too.  The story is wonderful!

Whimsical Fancies v. 0.5

Ren'ai is a great writer.  Her stories are so wonderfully sweet.  You HAVE to check out Nermia Episodes.  It makes me cry, laugh and luv.  I know I sound cheesy, but this story is for all those who love romanctic soap operas.

Tom Wrench's Page

Tom has only a few one-shots and two series so far.  And they're all really good.  If you want to be teary-eyed for a bit, then cheered up, his stories are good ones to read.

She has some really cute stories on her page.  Her series are great! They're all well planned and wonderful to read. She portrays the characters, made up or not wonderfully.

KaiPhantom's Page

KaiPhantom has some really good stories out.  His series is a great continuation of the Ranmaverse.  His other stories seem promising too!

*sigh* Her stories are so romantic.  "Belong to Me" is the absolute best!

Kachie's Page

Kachie is sorta (not really) a new author.  She has two series going on so far, and they're very very cute.

Jacen's Page

This man, people, is da bomb!  He helped me with my word-wrapping thing.  Isn't he just wonderful?  His stories are just like him: great!

Authur & Erin's Page

Authur is one of my favorite author's so far.  His stories are great to read.  They have good plots and I can't wait to see where he's going to take them!

Leloi's Page

Leloi is a lemon author.  Some of her stories aren't, but they're all good.  She write Sailor Moon and Ranma fics.  Go check them out!  They're worth it, trust me.

Dynasty Homepage

Sydney Kyle is an extordinary author.  Her fic Dynasty has on you the edge of your seat in anticipation.

LinLee's Ranma Page

She is the author of the Akane Chronicles.  She has other great series written too!

Once Upon a Dojo

This page has a lot of good Ranma crossovers!  

Quik's Page

Quik has very (and I mean very) good stories.  You HAVE to go to this site.

AngelBaby's Page

She has a few series going on.  They have very interesting plots.

Laura-Chan's Page

Laura is the author of Solar Demise.  Never heard of it?  Well, shame on you!!

David A. Tatum's Page

David has some of the most excellent stories I have read.  I can't wait til he finishes Return of the Sisters.


Kris has a lot of fics on her page.  It's still under construction and she's very good about updating.

Florencio's Page

He has great fics!  I love his series In my Life.  He hasn't updated for a while.  I wonder if he's still alive...

Disruptor's Page

He's got good stories.  A definate must check out!

Joseph Palmer's Page

He is the MAN for waffs.  His Colors and Seasons series are a great read for everyone.

Vince Seifert's Page

His story Taming of the Horse is one of the best, most believable Ranma/Akane fics yet.

Bridget & Jamie's Fanfic and Food

These two alone have greatly added to the world of RanmaFics.  Not only that, their stories are some of the best out there!

Akane Miata's Page

I can't wait for her to get more of her stories out!  They have wonderful plots.  You can also find Silver-Chan's page here.  She's got great fics too!

Cha Cha Cha

Ah...does anyone know what happened to this link?  I seem to have lost it...

Angela's Page

Angela takes a while to update, but her stories are worth waiting for!

Ashfae's Ranma Page

Ashfae has got some wicked stories!  You TOTALLY gotta check out her stories.

Kimagure Angel's Page

Her stories are very sweet.  They'll warm your heart right up.

Lord Overon's Page

His stories are wonderfully fantasy.  You have to read these ones too!

Mitch's Place

I gotta admit, I had my doubts at first.  But that's totally changed.  His story is fantastic.  Make sure you read it!!

Stiffanie's Page

*sigh*  Beautifully written.  If you know what's good for you, you'll read her stories.

SweetAsian's Fanfic Page

She's new.  Her stories have a sweet flavor to them.  Great start so far!

Ranma & Akane: 2gether, 4ever

All I can say is...wow.  Her series...they're all so intricately put together.  They weave in and out and around...it's a great pleasure reading any of her stories.

Her story "Less Than" is real good.  Kawaii too!  She's got a few one-shots that are nice to read.

Lady Koneko has a very big library.  You can find stories here that aren't anywhere else.  I think...

Honor, Blood and Love

Saya has A LOT of stories.  InuYasha and Ranma.  Big, BIG Ranma/Akane and Kagome/Inu-chan fan.

Busy Girl Sanctuary

She's the co-writter of quite a bit of stories.  And some of her own.  If you like Max-Chan's stories, you should read hers!

Jen's Anime Fanfiction

She's the author of "You've got Ranma."  It's wonderful!  I also love her story "Silicon Madness."


Kawaii stories here!  You should go read them!

Azurite Moon

Azurite has a whole bunch of Ranma fics!

New Blood Productions

*giggle*  These stories are so cute!  You can either read them as a series or as one-shots.  Kinda like Joseph Palmer's fics.  In fact, I got this link from his page!

Ryuuzaki no Arashi

Ahhhh!  I can't believe I haven't linked this page til now.  Bad, bad Mana.  Go here!  You just gotta!

Nin's Castle

She's the author of...well...a lot of stories...and ideas...go check her site out!

Trent O'Donoghue's Ranma 1/2 Fanfiction Page

This author writes Meeting Later.  *sigh*  I love this series...and I finally found the page for it!

Dora-Chan's Corner

One word:  KAWAII!!

Cherry Kisses

Meeka-chan!  Meeka-chan!  Gooooooooo Meeka-chan!!


Oooh...his stories...sugoi...


Kinda like FF.net only smaller...

Yonge-Darling Productions

Allyn wrote Furies, an excellent SM cross over.  Her other stories are just as wonderful!

Fio-Chan's Fanfictions

Ah!!  I found Fio-Chan's page!!  She writes Cursed Love!  So kawaii!!


A super sweet story!  You gotta go here!

Michael Noakes' Homepage

Michael is the author of Choices and Let the Curtain Fall.  Very good stories.

Please mail me!  I'm open to suggestions.